Farming Today Clip from 8th November 2017

Listen to the clip from the BBC’s “Farming Today” in which Professor Liz Wellington discusses the role of slurry in the spread of Bovine TB.

Environmental and Health Issues With Anaerobic Manure Lagoons

THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS ARE INCLUDED IN A SALES PRESENTATION BY A U.S. DCOMPANY SELLING EQUIPMENT TO INTENSIVE FARMERS I.E. THIS IS “A SLURRY FRIENDLY VOICE”. Toxic Fumes The decomposition of manure in lagoons by anaerobic bacteria produces toxic airborne compounds, which can be harmful to human health and the environment. A study performed in North …

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Useful Link / Information: Manure Gas Danger

Since the increased use of manure storage facilities in agriculture there have been numerous instances where a farmer, family member, or employee has asphyxiated or succumbed to toxic gases from the storage. Cases have been documented where several individuals have died while attempting to rescue a coworker or family member from an underground pit or …

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Useful Link / Information: Slurry gas can be lethal farmers are warned

It is well known that mixing and handling slurry can produce this toxic gas, which is invisible, although it smells like rotten eggs,” SAC spokesman Ken Rundle said: “An important feature is that when you get a good whiff of the gas, it knocks out your sense of smell, so you may be unaware that …

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Useful Link / Information: Potential health risks associated with the persistence of Escherichia coliO157 in agricultural environments

Escherichia coli serotype O157 is a virulent human pathogen the global incidence of which has increased. It has been demonstrated that cattle are the primary reservoir of this pathogen. This has serious implications for the land-based disposal of organic wastes such as cattle manure, cattle slurry and abattoir waste. Further, it also has serious ramifications …

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