The Communities Affected Across The UK

The majority of the members of Too Much Slurry are people living in various communities across the UK:

  • whose lives are blighted by intensive slurry or digestate spreading, OR

  • whose lives will be blighted if planning applications are successful.

Some of the communities affected by intensive slurry and digestate spreading and some of the communities fighting against current planning applications are listed below.

Just click on to the name of each community in blue to be taken to a page explaining the issue faced by residents in that location. Webpages for the communities in black type will follow as they are prepared by residents in each location.

We are in the process of writing web pages for all these locations. It is quite obvious that this is a nationwide problem.

Please contact if you wish to add your location to the list. What we require is text for a webpage explaining the problem in your location so that others can see it and join with us in collective actions to address this problem.

Please remember we have only just started to take this issue nationwide.  We are already certain that twenty different locations will become two hundred before long.