Health Consequences

Health Consequences Of Slurry / Digestate

When starting our campaign it quickly became clear that:

  • there was a significant amount of knowledge in the farming industry about the chemical composition of slurry and digestate but that the relevant public authorities were largely unaware of the information and did not access it or use it when reviewing planning applications or other regulatory issues;
  • there was some knowledge about the consequences of slurry and digestate on the environment in terms of air and water pollution and plant life but the relevant public organisations (e.g. Natural England, the Environment Agency) were not adept at publicising these consequences when planning applications for intensive farms were being considered;
  • there was very little knowledge about the impact of slurry and digestate upon the human population.

What was of particular concern was there was an all prevailing refusal by the intensive farming industry, the NFU and many of the relevant regulatory bodies to recognise that human health was even an issue to be considered when considering the implications of intensive farming.

The value of the library of articles which we set out below is that it gives community easy access to some of the available information which they can use to:

  • inform their neighbours exactly what is being spread around their homes; and
  • compel the relevant authorities to take human health into account whenever they are dealing with an intensive farm in the planning or operational stages.

These articles provide information about:

  • the chemical composition of slurry and digestate so that communities can understand what is being spread around their homes;
  • the environmental impact of slurry and digestate; and
  • the impact of slurry and digestate upon the human population

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